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Hello folks!

On the occasion of the 10th day of death of  Freddie Mercury I have arranged
a medley which is the core of this site.

Exactly on November 24th, 2001 this website went online and this is my personal tribute to

Freddie Mercury

the musician, artist, entertainer and man, who most strongly impressed and influenced me in my life.
When I first heard Freddie's voice (I suppose in 1980), I fell in love. And, today, I still love it!
This is my candle for Freddie.
My "Medley for Freddie" is ready for download - and I hope you enjoy it!!!

Freddie on piano (Live Aid, Wembley Stadium, 1985)
Freddies great day...
(Live Aid, Wembley Stadium, 13th of July 1985)

About Freddie and Queen
   Freddie Mercury, whose actual name was Farrokh Bulsara, was born on September 5th 1946 as a son of Indian parents on the East African island of Sansibar and died on the consequences of an infection with the HI-Virus, better known as AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), on November 24th 1991. Freddie Mercury became worldwide famous as a singer, songwriter and instrumentalist (piano) with the band Queen (founded in 1970). His best known songs are for sure Bohemian Rhapsody and We are the champions. Freddie Mercury was an unique and charismatic entertainer who could draw an entire stadium into his spell. His versatile voice could flatter gentle piano ballads and also break through Brian May's powerful brute "guitar trademark sound", so that Queen was very successful both as a chart attacking pop band but also in the hard-rock-genre.

   Till 2005 Queen sold worldwide over 150 million records (today it might be a few more...). Freddie Mercury´s Bohemian Rhapsody lasted for 9 weeks at number 1 in the British charts; and in 1991, the year of his early and tragic death, that song was once again at number 1 in the UK charts! Even today the songs of Queen We are the champions and Brian May´s We will rock you are resounding in the sport arenas of the world. But also the two other less known band members John Deacon (bass) and Roger Taylor (drums, vocals) contributed substantially to Queens success; they composed hits like Another one bites the dust (Deacon) und Radio ga ga (Taylor).

'got a lot of pretty lights...('Hammer to Fall', 1985)
' a lot of pretty lights...'
('Hammer to Fall- Video-Shooting', 1985)

Freddie Mercury: Staying Power! (1982)
Freddie: Staying Power! (1982)

   Although Freddie Mercury undoubtedly was Queen's shimmering galleon figure, he saw himself nevertheless only as a kind of actor - the Great Pretender - who just wanted to seem strong and "over-the-top" on stage. He was simply born for that part and said, he couldn´t do anything else ("I mean I can 't cook ..."). As a private person he was rather shy.

Freddie always tried to give the other band members the feeling to be truly as important to be as he was - which they are/were without doubt- and exactly this is, what held the band together for more than 20 years. Freddie to the hierachy of the band: "Four cocks fighting."

1991 - Freddie very ill (click to enlarge)
1991 - Freddie, drawn by illness

   June 1991: Freddie's last official film document (here already considerably drawn very much by his illness ) is the video to These are the days of our lives, a song which represents a kind of life look back - and this last video shot simultaneously was Freddie's farewell to the public.

   In 1991 Freddie, almost defeated by the illness, sang in strong-willedly his last songs in Montreux (Switzerland). In an interview Brian May said, that Freddie could only seldomly work on the tracks but he still told the others: "Write me anything you can, I'll sing it.".

There, directly at Lake Geneva, today stands a Freddie-Mercury-monument with the label:

Freddie Mercury 1946 - 1991
Lover of Life
Singer of Songs
Lover of life - Singer of songs
Freddie on stage (1976)


In memory of Freddie Mercury arranged & performed by Martin Michael.

A big THANK YOU to:

Björn Wittig (for playing bass guitar)
Volker Sassenberg (for doing the vocals on Boh Rhap, Hard Life and Play the Game ... and much more...)
Thanks to Barb for the english translation!
...and my sister for the first Queen record...

This medley only contains material (Music & Lyrics) which was written by Freddie Mercury
(except 'Innuendo' & 'The Show must go on' by Deacon/May/Mercury/Taylor).

EDIT 2006: This remastered Version was published on the occasion of Freddies 60th Birthday in 5.9.2006 and was edited due to some minor level corrections and some time-squeezing stuff.

Used Songs (in order):

1. Don't stop me now (intro, piano/guitar only)
2. Bohemian Rhapsody (taken from 1st part of the song)
3. It's a hard life (2nd verse/chorus + piano middle part)
4. Play the game (1st and 2nd verse excerpts + choruses)
5. You take my breath away (variations from the middle)
6. Death on two legs (instrumental excerpts)
7. Innuendo (instrumental excerpts)
8. The Show must go on (instrumental excerpts)
9. In the Lap of the Gods (Don't worry! Without intro ;-) )
10. Love of my life (piano played in guitar style)
...and 'Any way the wind blows...'(ending from Bo Rhap + a pinch of "Hard Life")

(click on the link below to start loading Medley for Freddie)

The Medley is here for   F R E E   D O W N L O A D:

* 10 min 19 secs / MP3 Audio / approx. 15 MegaBytes / 192 kbps - High Quality Sound

Wanna pre-listen first?

Excerpt from
» It's a hard life « (Lo-Fi Sound-Quality, MP3 / only 250 kb)
Excerpt from
» It's a hard life « (Lo-Fi Sound-Quality, Real Audio / only 190 kb)
Excerpt from
» In the lap of the gods « (Lo-Fi Sound-Quality, MP3 / only 220 kb)
Excerpt from
» In the lap of the gods « (Lo-Fi Sound-Quality, Real Audio / only 160 kb)

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A tribute to the immortal spirit of Freddie Mercury

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